Whether you want to ace a test, expand your knowledge, breeze through the newspapers, or simply enjoy more novels, the reasons for wanting to become a better reader are endless. But improved reading skills or increased reading speed cannot be achieved simply by reading more. Reading practice is what’s required- practice which specifically targets each of the dimensions of the skill. The dimensions CUCU focuses on include working memory, vocabulary, critical thinking, ability to contextualise, and speed   The speed reading section of every CUCU gives you the opportunity to practice pacing, so you’ll be able to read faster whilst retaining focus. However, CUCU is not only a speed reading app- it is a vocabulary builder, a teacher, a skill-analyser, all rolled into one. Although there’s no easy cheat to becoming a top-level reader, CUCU’s interactive approach makes the journey fun and engaging.


Reading comprehension’ is a phrase which sends shivers down the spines of many students and test-takers. However, in reality, this phrase simply refers to your understanding of how the text ‘works’. In order to grasp this, you need to be able to decode what the author is trying to say, and unpick how they are saying it. CUCU will ask you intelligent questions to guide you through each article, and introduce you to the key reading comprehension skills through a variety of test-style questions with answer explanations.


CUCU offers interactive reading and fun reading thanks to the game-style nature of the questions which accompany each text. The CUCU team believes that reading can be understood as a sport, and so we’ve introduced a points system, a leader board, and a set of reward badges. These serve to bring an element of enjoyable competition which other reading tools so often lack, and ensure that players keep up with regular practice. It’s a myth that you can’t have fun and learn at the same time!