The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam is taken by over 3 million people each year- the majority of whom are hoping to study in or migrate to English-speaking countries. Its primary purpose is to measure fluency in the English language, and its Reading section is one of the most important parts. IELTS Reading involves reading a number of challenging texts, totalling 2,500 words on average, on a variety of topics. The test-taker will be required to answer comprehension questions on each text- identifying information, identifying viewpoints, or summarising ideas. The potential question formats include multiple choice, short-answer, and text-matching. CUCU is thus an indispensable tool for IELTS preparation, because it will not only familiarise the student with the types of text likely to occur in the paper, it will also provide opportunity to practice answering similarly-styled questions, develop vocabulary, and increase reading pace.